| Board of Directors
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Board of Directors

Tom E. Pike

Chairman of the Board

Tom E. Pike holds a number of board positions within the life science industry in Norway and Sweden. Previous positions includes Partner in the venture capital fund NeoMed, Chairperson & CEO of Clavis Pharma ASA as well as Chairperson of the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway. He has also worked at Hoffman-La Roche in Norway and Switzerland for 18 years, including 8 years as general manager in Norway. Mr Pike holds a B.Sc. Honours in Pharmacology.

Erlend Skagseth

Board member

Erlend Skagseth, MBA is partner BioLifeSciences & Financial Control in Sarsia Seed and has more than 20 years experience from R&D, IPR, project and business development as manager and from board positions (Christian MichelsenResearch, Sarsia Innovation).

Ingrid Alfheim

Board member

Ingrid Alfheim, PhD is CEO of Bio-Medisinsk Innovasjon AS, a company that commercializes spin-offs from the university hospitals in the Oslo region. She has more than 20 years experience in basic and applied research within chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology and biotechnology. She held the position as CSO of a biotech start-up company Euromed AS and director of R&D in the Scottish Norwegian diagnostic company Axis-Shield (1996-2004), where she was heading research groups in Norway, Scotland and in the US. She has been a board member of several biotech start-ups, including Diagenic ASA now on the Norwegian stock exchange and has for 8 years been a board member of the Science Foundation at Radiumhospitalet. She has been a board member of several public research institutes, the Research Council of Norway in charge of the pan European research programme Eureka and is currently a board member of the Norwegian Bioindustry Association and of the Biotec Pharmacon ASA.

Anders Tuv

Board member

Anders Tuv, Investment director in the Norwegian Radium Hospital research Foundation. Broad business development, strategic and financial experience covering biotech start-ups, health care institutions, regional health authorities and life science faculties. His experience also includes due diligence work on international M&As. In Ernst & Young he was part of the management team in Consultant Group. Anders has a strong international network within the biotech sector. He also serves on the board of directors of Nextera and Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator.

Bernd R. Seizinger

Board Member

Bernd R. Seizinger, M.D., Ph.D. has been Chairman of Opsona Therapeutics Ltd. since 2009 and was Interim CEO/Executive Chairman of Opsona in 2011-2013.

He was President & Chief Executive Officer of GPC Biotech and executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Genome Therapeutics Corporation in Waltham/Boston, MA, USA. From 1992-1996, he was Vice President of Oncology Drug Discovery and – in parallel – Vice President of Corporate and Academic Alliances at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Princeton, NJ, USA.

Prior to his corporate appointments, Dr. Seizinger was Associate Professor of Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School and Associate Geneticist and Director of the Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. He also held a visiting professorship at the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University.

Dr. Seizinger has authored more than 100 publications, including a number of papers in Nature, Science and Cell, and has been the recipient of numerous scientific awards, including the Otto-Hahn-Medal of the Max-Planck-Society, the Wilson S. Stone Award for Cancer Research, and the von Recklinghausen Award by the U.S. National Neurofibromatosis Foundation.

Dr. Seizinger has currently board positions in Opsona Ltd., Aprea AB, Karolinska Institute, Agennix AG and TriMod Ltd.

Lars Lund-Roland

Board Member

Lars Lund-Roland has a marketing and business background and is CEO of Bringwell AB(pub),  a Nordic health and welfare company listed in Stockholm, that commercializes OTC pharmaceuticals, nutrition and food supplements. He has been Managing Director of MSD Norway (Merck & Co Inc. subsidiary) for 10 years and has more than twenty-five years’ experience from various executive positions within marketing and sales at Merck. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of PI Innovation AS and has served as board member of Infodoc AS and Health Tech AS, two Norwegian health technology companies, as well as on the board of the Norwegian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

Jan Haudemann-Andersen

Board Member

Jan Haudemann-Andersen holds a siviløkonom-business degree from BI Norwegian Business School. He has extensive investment experience from private and listed companies in Norway and abroad. Mr. Haudemann-Andersen is sole owner of Datum and Datum invest and a shareholder of Vaccibody.