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Martin Bonde

Chief Executive Officer
Martin Bonde joined Vaccibody in August 2015. He holds a PhD in Immunochemical Techniques and a MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark as well as a B.Com. in International Economy from Copenhagen Business School. Martin started his career in Dako AS, followed by Ostemeter AS (CEO), Torsana Biosensor AS (CEO), Celtor Biosystems Inc (EVP), Combio AS (CEO), Natimmune AS (CEO), Aros Pharma ApS (CEO) and most recently Epitherapeutics Aps now sold to Gilead (CEO).  His experience includes a significant number of transactions within business development, trade sales, mergers & acquisitions as well as management of research and development.

Agnete B. Fredriksen

President and Chief Scientific Officer
Agnete B. Fredriksen is Co-Founder and joined Vaccibody in 2007. She holds a MSc, PhD from Institute of Immunology, Rikshospitalet Medical Center in Oslo where she designed and developed the first Vaccibody vaccine molecules. She received the King’s Gold Medal for her PhD thesis describing Vaccibodies. Her focus is on  cancer vaccines from idea to clinical development. Previous employment includes Affitech AS and Medinnova AS. Agnete is author on numerous scientific papers in the field of immunology, immunotherapy and vaccines. Inventor on several patents in the field of immunotherapy. She is board member for the BIA programme of NRC stimulating research in the Norwegian industry.

Mads B. Axelsen

Chief Medical Officer
Mads Buhl Axelsen joined Vaccibody in June 2017. He holds a MD from Medical School, University of Copenhagen, an ECPM: a 2 year postgraduate educational program in pharmaceutical medicine, and a Master of Medical Business Strategies from Copenhagen Business School.
Mads has since 1990 worked in drug development with medical aspects of clinical research regulatory affairs in varies large pharma and biotech companies. Mads started his career in Leo Pharma followed by Novo Nordisk A/S in DK, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Inc., Princeton, USA; NatImmune A/S, Neurokey A/S, Hemofocus Aps., most recently Mads worked as an International Medical Director at Novo Nordisk A/S.

Mette Husbyn

Chief Technical Officer
Mette Husbyn joined Vaccibody in October 2017. She holds a PhD in peptide chemistry from University of Oslo, 2003.
Mette has since 1990 worked in CMC drug development throughout all clinical stages from early research to NDA/MAA filings. Mette started her pharmaceutical career in Nycomed Pharma, Oslo as a scientist, followed by assignments within diagnostic imaging in Amersham Health and GE Healthcare, Oslo in various roles (lead scientist, project manager, department manager) over a period of 10 years. Most recently she held the CMC Manager position in Lytix Biopharma, Oslo for over five years, where she was responsible for all CMC related issues, including regulatory within both the antimicrobial and immune oncology programmes.

Hans Petter Tjeldflaat

Chief Financial Officer
Hans Petter Tjeldflaat joined Vaccibody in October 2012, serving as CFO on a part time basis. He holds ha MSc in Finance from the University of Wisconsin and a Master of General Business from BI.
Hans Petter has since 2003 worked as an independent consultant to life science companies as a part time CFO, hereunder Affitech AS, Inovio AS, Nordic Nanovector AS, Otivio AS, Respinor AS and Nextera AS. Prior to this, Hans Petter held positions as Investment Manager in SND Invest AS and Investor Relations at Christiania Bank.

Karoline W. Schjetne

VP Scientific Affairs
Karoline W. Schjetne joined Vaccibody in August 2017 as Vice President Scientific Affairs. She holds a PhD from Institute of Immunology, University of Oslo, followed by a 4-year postdoctoral scholarship at Institute of Immunology where she also hospitalized as visiting researcher at Harvard Medical School.
Karoline has worked in both biotech and pharma within the area of immunotherapy and inflammatory diseases. Karoline is author on several scientific papers in this field and her professional experience spans from product development to product launches in both biotech and pharma. Karoline is also board member of immunology and inflammation cluster NORIN since 2016.

Michael Engsig

VP Corporate Development
Michael Engsig joined Vaccibody in March 2017. He is a broadly anchored pharmaceutical professional with more than 19 years of experience and successful track record in R&D and commercial functions. Michael has a background as Civil Engineer (MSc) in chemistry specialized in biotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark 1998, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) – Organization and Leadership from Copenhagen Business School 2001.
Michaels professional experience spans from early stage drug discovery to late stage development and product launches in biotech and pharma and across all major geographical areas.
Bilde Caspar2

Caspar Foghsgaard

Director Business Development
Caspar Foghsgaard joined Vaccibody in November 2018 as Director Business Development. He holds a MSc in Management from University of Surrey and a Bsc (Hons.) in Chemistry with Biological Chemistry from the University of St Andrews.
Caspar’s professional experience spans from business development and strategy in Novozymes A/S to being an independent consultant to biotech companies. His experience includes diverse transactions within business development, fundraising and mergers & acquisitions.