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The Company

Vaccibody is a vaccine company with a vision to create the next generation of vaccines and immunotherapy. The technology use intelligent vaccine design based on complex immunological principles.

The value of the Vaccibody Vaccine Platform Technology has been proven in a variety of disease models including infectious diseases and cancer, and has been confirmed by academic and industry partners.


This experience has broadened the understanding of complex immunological mechanisms causing different immunological profiles of vaccines allowing us to make intelligent choices in the development of new custom-designed vaccines to match the desired immune response associated with successful therapy and prevention.


We are very pleased to have initiated the first clinical phase I/IIa study in patients with precancerous cervical lesions. This will be an important proof of concept study and we strongly believe that our technology will be a major step in the development of tailor made, intelligent and effective vaccines for a range of different cancer indications.

Martin Bonde