| VB10.NEO
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Vaccibody is developing individualised therapeutic cancer vaccines against tumour specific antigens, called neoantigens, arising from somatic gene mutations in malignant cells during neoplastic transformation. The investigational medicinal product (IMP), named VB10.NEO, is intended for use as therapeutic vaccination in patients with locally advanced or metastatic solid tumours.


A well-defined process has been developed by Vaccibody to identify and select optimal neoepitopes specific to each patient’s tumour. The selected neoepitopes will be combined and synthesized to generate the Neoepitope Antigenic Module and VB10.NEO drug product will be manufactured using a standardized manufacturing process. This personalized medicine approach will allow vaccination of each patient with an unique and optimised DNA vaccine to induce a cellular immune response specific to neoantigens expressed by each patient’s tumour.