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Michael Engsig

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Engsig joined Vaccibody in March 2017. He is a broadly anchored pharmaceutical professional with extensive experience from early-stage drug discovery to late-stage development and product launches in biotech and pharma and across all major geographical areas, e.g. with Takeda and Nycomed. He holds a civil engineering (MSc) degree in chemistry specializing in biotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark, and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) in organization and leadership from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).


Agnete B. Fredriksen

President and Chief Scientific Officer

Agnete B. Fredriksen is a co-founder of Vaccibody. Her focus is on developing vaccines from idea to clinical development, having had prior roles at Affitech AS and Medinnova AS. She is the author of numerous scientific papers in the field of immunology, immunotherapy and vaccines, and has been awarded several patents in the field of immunotherapy. She holds an MSc and a Ph.D. from the Institute of Immunology, Rikshospitalet Medical Center in Oslo, where she designed and developed the first Vaccibody vaccine molecules. She received the King’s Gold Medal of Merit for her Ph.D. thesis describing vaccibodies.


Mette Husbyn

Chief Technical Officer

Mette Husbyn joined Vaccibody in 2017. Her professional experience spans CMC, drug development through all clinical stages from early research to NDA/MAA filings, including regulatory filings within both the antimicrobial and immune oncology programs, as well as diagnostic imaging. Past employments include Lytix Biopharma, Nycomed Pharma, Amersham Health and GE Healthcare. She holds a Ph.D. in peptide chemistry from the University of Oslo.


Siri Torhaug

Chief Medical Officer

Siri Torhaug joined Vaccibody as Chief Medical Officer in January 2020. She has broad experience in clinical development and translational research. Furthermore, she has extensive experience in scientific and medical affairs covering relevant tumor areas, R&D and general management of cancer drug development as well as product launches and life cycle management for several oncology products. Past employments include Oslo University Hospital (Radiumhospitalet), one of the premier oncology hospitals in Europe, as well as Novartis and AstraZeneca. She is a medical doctor and a certified clinical specialist in oncology.


Lars Dencker Nielsen

Chief Financial Officer

Lars Dencker Nielsen joined Vaccibody in September 2020 as CFO. He holds a MSc in Business Administration and Auditing (Finance) from the Business School in Aarhus (DK). Lars has a wide professional experience in the field of finance, mostly working internationally.

Lars has a solid experience acting as CFO or Finance Director within mature and developing international businesses (bank/finance, security, service and retail) with a focus on value creating trough business development and restructuring, reorganisation, change management, M&A and capital raise/funding. He has worked in companies like Avida Finans, Gothia/Arvato and G4S, Heidelberger Druckmachinen and East Asiatic Company.


Caspar Foghsgaard

Director Business Development

Caspar Foghsgaard joined Vaccibody in November 2018 as Director Business Development. He holds a MSc in Management from University of Surrey and a Bsc (Hons.) in Chemistry with Biological Chemistry from the University of St Andrews.

Caspar’s professional experience spans from business development and strategy in Novozymes A/S to being an independent consultant to biotech companies. His experience includes diverse transactions within business development, fundraising and mergers & acquisitions.


Christian C. Onstad

Head of HR

Christian C. Onstad joined Vaccibody in April 2020. Christian has his education from the Norwegian Royal Naval Academy and the University of Bergen. His professional career spans from several operational roles in Royal Norwegian Navy, including two years as Commanding Officer, to national and global HR leadership roles for Tryg Forsikring, Rolls-Royce and Norwegian Red Cross. Christian’s experience includes change management, talent sourcing/talent management, Employer Branding, organizational development and employee relations.


Karoline W. Schjetne

VP Scientific Affairs

Karoline W. Schjetne joined Vaccibody in August 2017 as Vice President Scientific Affair. She holds a PhD from University of Oslo, followed by a postdoctoral scholarship where she also worked as visiting researcher at Harvard Medical School. Karoline has worked in both biotech and big pharma industry within the area of immunotherapy and inflammatory diseases since 2007. Karoline is author of several scientific papers in this field and her professional experience spans from development and launch of medical devices to market authorization and product launch, lastly as part of medical affairs in Janssen Pharmaceuticals.


Gunnstein Norheim

Director Infectious Diseases

Gunnstein Norheim joined Vaccibody in April 2020 and holds a Ph.D. and a Master’s Degree (Cand. Pharm.) from the University of Oslo, Norway. He has extensive experience in coordinating vaccine science- and early development programs. Gunnstein work includes research in the Oxford Vaccine Group, vaccine development for meningococcal disease and Ebola with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. He was a member of the Study Steering Group for the Ebola ring vaccination trial in West Africa, and a part of the international WHO-led core team. During Gunnstein’s time at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), he was instrumental in developing the organization from its beginning in 2016 and to a permanent international organization.


Monika Sekelja

Associate Director, Head of Bioinformatics

Monika Sekelja joined Vaccibody in May 2017 and holds a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from University of Oslo, Norway. She has extensive experience in developing products that combine genomics, next generation sequencing, molecular biology, machine learning and bioinformatic algorithms. Monika has co-founded and worked in biotech startups within the field of microbiome where she has been involved in engaging cross-functional teams to drive innovative use of genetic/genomic data and analyses. She is the author of numerous scientific papers and patents in the field of bioinformatics, microbiome, and 3D modelling of the human genome.


Katrine Husum

Project Director

Katrine Husum joined Vaccibody in January 2020. She has extensive experience with leading global drug development projects of biologics and small molecules from early research to late stage development within e.g. immunology, neurology, dermatology and metabolic diseases.
Past employments include LEO Pharma A/S, Agilent, Takeda and Nycomed. She holds a MSc in Pharmacy from University of Copenhagen and a Master in Medical Business Strategy from Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Einar Jonsbru

Director Technology and CMC

Einar Jonsbu joined Vaccibody in August 2020 and holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Technical University of Denmark and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has a broad experience in leading process development, international technology transfer and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products. His professional career has been both in biotech and big pharma industry covering product areas such as vaccines against microbial and viral infectious diseases, immune oncology, radiopharmaceutical oncology, antibiotics and cell therapy products. Past employments include Xellia Pharmaceutics, Thermo Fisher, Pharmaq, Targovax and Bayer.

Charlotte Qwist

Director Clinical Development & Operations

Charlotte Qwist joined Vaccibody in September 2020 as Sr Director Clinical Development & Operations. Charlottes strong professional experience stems from leadership roles in global development and clinical operations as well as clinical program management. She has successfully led organizational transformations, international teams and clinical development processes from early clinical phase to late stage development within various therapeutic areas.  Charlotte holds a MSc in Pharmacy from Copenhagen University and her past employments include Novo Nordisk, Nycomed, Takeda and Novartis.