Scientific Advisory Board -
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Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Bjarne Bogen (HEAD OF PANEL)

Professor of Medicine at the Institute of Immunology, Rikshospitalet, University of Oslo


He is MD from the University of Oslo (1977) and PhD from the University of Tromsø (1984). Bogen is director of the Jebsen Centre for Influenza Vaccine Research (JIV) and a member of the Centre for Immune Regulation (CIR), a Centre of Excellence appointed by The Research Council of Norway. He has been visiting professor at The Basel Institute for Immunology, Stanford University, and Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard University. He now heads a 25-member research group at the Institute of Immunology. “Vaccibodies” were conceived in his laboratory. He continues his academic research on “Vaccibodies” and the use of vaccibodies to fight cancer and infectious diseases, and is a co-inventor on several Vaccibody and Troybody patents. Bogen is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. He has published more than 200 papers on basic immunology, tumor immunology and autoimmunity in major scientific journals, as well as a textbook on immunology. He has received several prizes for his work.

Professor Inger Sandlie

Professor at the Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo

Deputy Director of CIR at the Institute of Immunology, Rikshospitalet, Oslo


Following her PhD at the University of Bergen (1981), she held a post-doc position at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. She has been visiting professor at Brigham and Women/Harvard University and the Scripps Research Institute. Sandlie has focused her research activities around antibody and albumin engineering, and the research has led to the invention of “Pepbodies”, and has contributed to development of “Troybodies” and “Vaccibodies”. Sandlie heads a group of 10 postdocs and PhD students and has received several awards for her research. She is a member of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and has published more than 130 papers in major scientific journals.

Professor Christian Ottensmeier

Professor in Experimental Cancer Medicine, University of Southampton


After a fellowship in the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts he completed his oncology training and also undertook his PhD at University of Southampton. He has been a consultant in medical oncology since 2000. Christian leads the Experimental Cancer Centre in Southampton and the early translation of immunotherapeutic strategies into the clinic is his core academic interest.

The portfolio includes single centre and multicentre studies with both immunotherapeutics developed in house as well as collaborative work with industry. He was successful in obtaining the first cancer trial grant in the UK from the Efficacy and Mechanisms Evaluation board of the National Institute for Health Research in the UK for a vaccine study in haematological malignancies.In this field he also contributes to early phase industry sponsored immunotherapy studies, utilizing a wide range of strategies including viral and cellular delivery strategies.He has served on a number of industry advisory boards and DSMBs for industry led studies and is also a member of the Clinical Development partnership between Cancer Research UK and Astra Zeneca.